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September 2016


Hello and Welcome. I’m Crystal and this is my first post as the Creative Copycat. I am a wife and mama who loves to craft, scrapbook, plan parties and bake. I’ve had friends and family tell me that I should start a blog, but I mainly copy ideas I find on-line so I never felt like I could have my own blog. I have had a personal family blog for a few years (with about 10 followers, hehe), but when I recently became a stay at home mom, I felt a strong desire to have a place where I could share and connect with people. I also realized that in the process of copying ideas, I usually am inspired and come up with my own ideas too. If I can inspire someone else, connect with someone else, or just brighten someone’s day then I will be satisfied that I created this blog.  I hope you enjoy my site and find some ideas that you can copy to make your life a little bit more creative and fun. After all, copying is the greatest form of flattery, right?