vampire fang whistle card printable

Halloween Fang Whistle Classroom Treats with Free Printable

I was walking through Target by myself the other day, sounds heavenly right?, when I spotted vampire fang whistles. For Hudson’s preschool Halloween party,  we are asked to bring  a non-food treat for each kid and I thought these would be a lot of fun. You can’t really go wrong with something that transforms your child into a vampire and makes noise, right? Plus, while Halloween is centered strongly around candy and sweets, it is becoming more common in schools to require non-food treats as allergies become more and more common. As a mama of an allergic child, I certainly appreciate that and put a lot of effort into making sure that no sweets doesn’t mean no fun.


As soon as I got home, I searched the internet for a printable and couldn’t find anything so I made one myself. These are really easy to put together and Hudson loved them. I can’t wait for him to share them with his friends at school. I hope you enjoy making these as well.

To download the free printable click here.

cute and easy non-food halloween card printable with vampire fang whistle
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