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DIY Photo Booth

A friend of mine did this at her daughter’s first birthday party years ago and I loved it so much I just had to copy her. I have since used this at every one of my kid’s birthday parties, my own birthday party and holiday gatherings. It is always a huge hit! It seemed a bit pricey up front, but it has more than paid for itself over the years.

diy photobooth

Here is everything you need:

Ipad Floor Stand (You can most likely find more affordable options on Amazon for the ipad stand. I personally like this stand because it rolls, it is adjustable, it is quick and easy to insert the ipad and most importantly the ipad feels secure once strapped in. I also love that we can keep our ipad in the protective case while using the stand just for added re-assurance.)

Pocketbooth App


Backdrop (This is what we have, but this is totally optional. You could easily make your own backdrop, but this backdrop set does make it nice and easy to create a clean space that you can then decorate however you want.)

For the first few parties we linked the ipad to a wireless printer so people could print out their photos, but now we don’t bother with that and instead everyone just e-mails their pictures to themselves through the app.

Sometimes we use chairs or benches to sit on and sometimes we don’t. We find for kid parties no chairs work better so that the kids can use the set-up unsupervised (why do kids feel the need to climb on everything?)

I also thought I would mention props. I have slowly added to my generic photo booth props over the years, but my favorite props are actually theme specific. I have a board on my pinterest page titled DIY Photobooth where I have included many of the props I have used over the years. Most of these are free, but a few are not.

I also always make a photobooth sign and stick it in a frame. If you would like to use this one from Hudson’s 1st Birthday Party, you can get it here for free.

bowtie party photobooth sign free printable


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