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planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops and tons of fun ideas

Planes Birthday Party

planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops and tons of fun ideas

One day while we were driving in the car, I asked Hudson if he knew what theme he wanted for his upcoming birthday party. I threw out a few options and out of the blue he said Planes. I thought it was kind of funny, because while he does love planes, that wasn’t one of his favorite movies. I waited a few days, asked again and got the same answer. By about the 5th time, I decided to commit and dove into planning his 3rd birthday party. It ended up being a really fun theme with a cute color scheme of blue, orange and some red. We had the party at My Gym which made things much easier (set start and end time and they did all the entertaining). This was great because Luc’s 1st birthday party was only a few weeks later so I had a lot on my plate. I also had to keep in mind the fact that everything would need to be transported to the event location and we only had a limited amount of time for set-up, which forced me to minimize decorations and keep the food on the easier side. All in all, it was a pretty simple, low-key party that everyone had a blast at. The only real downside was that it went by so fast, we didn’t really get great pictures of everything.

planes birthday party family picture

Since the party was in the morning, I went the breakfast route. We served donuts “spare tires” which were literally just packaged chocolate and powdered sugar donuts on a platter with a few racing flags.

planes birthday party donut spare tires

A fruit platter of “plane parts” with a cream cheese dip “fluffy cloud dip” To make the dip, I just combined one 8 ounce package of softened cream cheese with one 15 ounce jar of marshmallow cream. It is so easy and so delicious, especially with an assortment of fruit.

planes birthday party fruit plane parts and fluffy cloud dip

We picked up a coffee traveler from Starbucks for our adult “fueling station”. That couldn’t be a more accurate description of coffee for parents, right?

planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops and tons of fun ideas

We had Jamba Juice drinks  and water for the kid friendly “jet fuel”.

planes birthday party fuel up water bottles

The Jamba Juice drinks were perfect because they were dairy free so Hudson could have them and they were just easy for the kids to grab and drink. They were so popular in fact, that I think they may become a party staple.

planes birthday party jet fuel jamba juice smoothies are perfect for young kid's parties

We also had a bunch of “in-flight snacks” like chips and cookies.

planes birthday party chips and cookies for in-flight snacks

For desserts, we had propeller oreo cake pops, cloud rice krispy treats, marshmallow propeller pops, planes cookies and dusty cupcakes.

planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops and tons of fun ideas

I made oreo pops using this recipe from Bakerella, then made little propellers to attach. A link to the free printable is at the end of this post. I just cut them out, punched a hole in the center with a hole punch and slid them on. They were really easy and super cute.

planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops and tons of fun ideas

I used a cloud cookie cutter to cut out the rice krispy treats (I used the dairy free recipe listed here).

planes birthday party cloud rice krispy treats

For the propeller marshmallows, I made the propellers using candy melts on wax paper (I just free-handed the propeller shape), dipped half of the marshmallows into candy melts, then attached the hardened/cooled propellers.

planes birthday party marshmallow propeller pops

I ordered the plane cookies from Dainty Cakes by Andrea on etsy and they were so detailed and a big hit with everyone.

planes birthday party sugar cookies

I absolutely loved the Dusty cupcakes, they turned out so cute and were a huge hit with the kids. Sadly, the company I ordered the cupcake wrappers from is no longer in business, which is a huge bummer because these are brilliant. It is so much easier to hand each kid a cupcake, especially at a party like this, and every kid was ecstatic to get their own Dusty! Hudson’s face when he first saw the cupcakes was priceless and they were pretty easy to make (just took a few nights of cutting and taping). In case you love this idea as much as I do, I did find Planes Fire and Rescue cupcake wrappers by Printamajig on etsy.

planes birthday party dusty cupcakes using cupcake wrappers

I bought the tablecloths, plates, napkins, goody bags and balloons from Party City. I ordered the flags and Hudson’s t-shirt from Amazon. Luc’s wingman t-shirt was from Target. The Planes movie characters were a gift, from the Disney store, that doubled as decorations. I made my own invitations inspired by this design by PartyInnovations09. I used water bottle wrappers and cupcake toppers (for the adult cupcakes) from Homeketeers (I’ve linked to their homepage, but was unable to find the printables so they may no longer be offering them). I made personalized wings for each kid by making a printable, printing the wings on cardstock, cutting them out and attaching pins like these to the back. The kids thought these were really cool.

planes birthday party personalized wing pins

I also made the Happy Birthday Banner (you can find a similar one here),  the food labels, and the gift bag tags. We filled the goody bags with some fun planes themed items from Party City and everyone collected them from Baggage Claim before they left.

planes birthday party thank you for flying by goody bags at baggage claim

That was pretty much it. Like I said, I really kept this one fairly simple (for me, lol).

planes birthday party - free printable for propeller cake pops

To get your own free propeller printable, click here. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.


free printable - pass these mini liquor bottles with fun labels out when flying with your toddler

Flying with a Toddler – Drink Tag Printable

I have always been against those goody bags new parents pass out on planes when they fly with their baby for the first time. Traveling with littles in tow is very stressful and involves a lot of planning ahead so the last thing new parents have time for is to make goody bags for other passengers. Besides, I have sat next to my fair share of rude and obnoxious passengers and none of them were apologetic or offered me anything. I literally once sat next to a woman who pooped her pants and the flight attendants had to keep walking up and down the aisle spritzing perfume! (I know it is hard to believe, but that actually happened!) Anyways, my point is, this is one time I have not been on board with goody bags (and I love goody bags!).

We now have many flights with Hudson under our belts, including one where he screamed the entire time we were waiting to board, and the people behind me very loudly exclaimed it would probably be their bad fortune to end up next to me. Well, Hudson did not make a peep the entire flight and when I smugly stood up at the end of my flight and waited for my round of applause, or pat on the back, or apology, or heck, even a smile, I got nothing. So I felt happy that I didn’t waste my time making treats for all those random travelers.

Then Luc came along. Luc is the worst traveler! He hates the car, he hates to sleep and he absolutely hates flying too. After a two hour flight to Mexico, I was covered in coffee, sweat and on the verge of tears. I had to hold Luc’s legs the entire flight, while simultaneously trying to shove snacks down his throat to keep him from screaming and provide entertainment every 3 minutes because that was about how long each activity held his attention. I apologized to the man in front of me every time Luc kicked his seat (which was around 5 times) and apologized again at the end of the flight (I am an over-apologizer by nature) to which he loudly announced to everyone around us that my kid had kicked him the entire flight. I was mortified!

On our recent trip to Maui, Luc was a whiney, over-tired, loud, mess and the thing is, when a newborn baby cries people seem to be fairly understanding. They expect it from a baby. My two year old, who is gigantic and probably looks more like a three year old, is expected to behave. People have no sympathy or understanding when toddlers mis-behave on a plane and I can assure you they definitely don’t think it is cute.

So, with our upcoming Australia trip looming over me, I decided that I was going to have to give in to my people-pleasing ways and attempt to bribe the people around me into not totally hating us. 15 hours is just way too long to have daggers coming my way from all directions. Of course, when I searched Pinterest all the cards were all sweet and apologetic and geared for sweet little babies who might just cry. No one made one for the obnoxious, dictator toddler who kicks, screams and manipulates their parent the entire flight, while simultaneously torturing everyone around them. So, I went ahead and made my own. Here’s to hoping the benadryl our pediatrician recommended works and the people sitting around us have a sense of humor. 😉

Click here to get these labels. 🙂 Happy Flying!

free printable - pass these mini drinks and fun labels out when flying with your toddler

free drink tag printable for flying with your toddler
koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots and watercolors

Koala Love Scrapbook Page

Life has been a bit hectic since we returned from Australia. We left the day after Christmas so our house is still an explosion of Christmas decorations and presents. Hudson and I are still recovering from our colds turned ear and chest infections. Luc has joined in on the fun with fevers and an ear infection (which means lots of sleepless nights for me) and Nic has been on the cusp of his cough/cold turning into something more serious since we got home from out trip. As you can imagine our house is a disaster and I have a fairly long to do list, but squeezing in some me time and getting crafty always helps my mood and I just felt like it was much-needed. Plus, I set a little goal for myself that I want to try to post a scrapbooking related post every Sunday, which has been a great motivator for me to find time throughout the week to scrapbook.

koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots

For this page, I made up a few rules for myself. I wanted to use paints of some sort, which is totally out of my comfort zone and I wanted to get everything completed while my husband took our boys to the park, which meant I had about one to two hours total. I picked out a few papers and got my pictures ready the night before, then once I had the house to myself I got to work. I liked the time constraint and deadline because I am an over-thinker, but I just got to work and didn’t over analyze anything. I tried both illustrated faith acrylic paints and artist’s loft watercolors and liked how the watercolor page turned out better. I know it isn’t perfect, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots and watercolors

I did find myself wanting to change a few things as I looked at it on my instagram post, but I had to stop myself immediately. I am going for enjoyment in the process and completion of projects not perfection and I definitely accomplished my goals with this page. I  think I might need to create little challenges like this for myself in the future. 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry this post is a little late. I have been in Australia with my family and we have all been sick with chest infections and ear infections. Between all the traveling and the holidays I have been a tad busy, but as we get back into a routine around here I’m hoping to find more time to blog (I really wanted to be organized and have posts scheduled for while I was away, but I am learning that there is only so much I can fit into each day). I’m still working on finding the right balance of kid time, family time, spouse time, me time and then of course there is all the “adulting” that has to be done on top of that. 🙂 (I know most of you can relate). I have so many fun ideas to share with you though, some from the past, as well as some cool projects in the works, so I hope you will stick around while I find my groove.

I also wanted to invite you to get involved. I totally used to be a silent stalker blog reader, so I get it. I would read people’s posts, follow them on instagram, talk about them at the dinner table as if we were best friends, without ever saying one word to them. I felt as if I would annoy them by commenting, but now that I am on the other side of things, I am realizing that it is awesome to hear if someone likes an idea, or to know if someone tries something, or if one of my pictures or posts inspires you. I’d also love to know if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions for blog posts. I can’t make any promises, but if you are interested in learning something from me (or about me), I’ll do my best to share what I know.

Since this is the start of a new year, I thought I would share that I don’t really have any resolutions this year. I usually set 5 goals for myself, but the past few years, with the kids needing so much of my attention, I haven’t done very well at those and I end up being really hard on myself and feeling defeated once I drop the ball. So, this year, my only “resolution” or goal is to cut myself some slack, accept the stage of life I am in and be happy with the present. I most likely will not finish all the projects I want to, or keep to the blog posting schedule I expect to maintain. I probably won’t workout as much as I’d like, or eat healthier and I will without a doubt make a lot of mistakes. I want the fact that I continue to try, that I continue to make positive changes, even small ones, to be enough. I want this year to be more about enjoying the journey than checking off boxes and finishing things.

What about you, do you have any goals or resolutions for yourself?

I hope that you all have a very blessed, creative and happy 2017!