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One of my favorite traditions that we started two years ago are I love you because… hearts. The first year I found a printable on-line, printed them out and wrote a bunch of reasons why I love my hubby on them. Then I taped them to heart-shaped balloons from the dollar store and displayed them on Valentine’s Day. Last year, I couldn’t find the printable I had previously used, so I made my own. Instead of the love notes just being from me though, I got the kids involved. Hudson told me that he loves his dada because he plays with him. Luc wasn’t really talking much, but I knew how much he loved kissing Nic through our stair rails before bed so I put that on the one from him. Hudson loved helping me pick out the balloons from the store and taping our hearts to them and I just love having these hearts to look back on every year, especially since the kids have more and more to say as they get older and they say such cute (or sometimes funny) things. This year, instead of just writing why we love daddy, we are each going to write one for each member of the family. 🙂

free printable valentines day I love you because hearts attached to dollar store balloons

If you would like to start this fun Valentine tradition with your family, you can click here to get your own I Love You Hearts printable.

free printable valentines day I love you because hearts attached to dollar store balloons

Also, here are a few other ideas for you using these hearts: you could tape a new heart on your child’s door each night so by Valentine’s Day their door is covered with reasons why you love them, or you could stick them in your kid’s lunchbox, or leave one on the mirror for your hubby or string them up and make a banner. The possibilities are endless. However you choose to use these, they are just a fun and easy way to spread a little love.

free printable valentines day I love you because... hearts. Spread a little love by attaching them to dollar store balloons, hanging them on kid's doors, putting them in a lunchbox, etc.

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