free conversation heart i love you because printable attached to heart shaped balloons for valentines day

Valentine’s Day 2017 with my Sweethearts

One of the things I promised I would do with this blog was keep it real and honest. Of course, part of me would love to pretend like I am perfect (especially in the sea of instagram moms who seem to be professional photographers, bakers, party planners, organizers and models), but I am far from having my life together (as evidenced by this post being finished a week after Valentine’s Day) and I’m slowly becoming ok with that. So here is our Valentine’s Day, the real deal. 😉

I made an adorable breakfast of heart waffles, that Hudson begged for and then decided he didn’t like after all, and heart-shaped cinnamon rolls.

valentine breakfast - heart shaped cinnamon rolls and pink heart shaped waffles

valentine breakfast - heart shaped cinnamon rolls were a hit

The kids were much happier with their McDonald’s Happy Meal lunches.

valentines day lunch - mcdonalds

We made two trips to the Dollar Store to get balloons to tape our I love you hearts to. After waiting in two huge lines I realized I didn’t have my wallet so we had to drive home to grab it, drive back and wait in another line to buy the balloons. (You can check out this post for all the details on our I love you because… hearts tradition.)

free conversation heart i love you because printable attached to heart shaped balloons for valentines day

I set up a cute Valentine themed sensory bin.

valentines day sensory bin

The kids had way more fun playing in the muddy water from the rain.

valentines day fun - water, mud and leaves

I didn’t have time to get the rest of my plans together so we had to have a Valentine’s Day Part 2 the next day (luckily the kids were more than happy to have Valentine’s Day twice)

conversation heart cupcakes

Luc and I made conversation heart cupcakes and although the kids can’t read (and would have been happy regardless of how they looked), the cupcakes were a big hit! Yay! They also came in handy when I had to bribe the kids to take a few photos in the backyard. 😉

be mine conversation heart cupcake

That night, we all sat around the table and I read each of our I love you because hearts out loud. Being together, sharing why we love each other, laughing and smiling was the best part of our Valentine’s celebrations. Even if I discovered Luc only loves me for my milk. 😉

I love you because conversation heart free printable.

And even after realizing the kids like McDonald’s better than themed breakfasts and playing in mud and water better than, well almost anything, I will probably go through all the trouble again next year because I enjoy it, but also because I hope some day my kids look back on these holidays and see how much love and effort I put into trying to make special memories together.

valentine's day dinner with conversation heart cupcakes and conversation heart i love you free printable

Here is the printable I created for our family this year. Feel free to pin it now so you can use these next Valentine’s Day. 🙂

free printable conversation hearts I love you because...

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  • Reply Katie Addiss February 22, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Love it, Crystal! The reality of what kids like (especially toddlers) is something that would discourage most moms from putting in the time and effort it takes to make things festive and pretty. The heart you put into each and every thing you do for them is something they will always know and remember! ❤️ I want to come over and play with all of the festive stuff you put together. Love ALL of it!!!

    • Reply February 22, 2017 at 3:31 pm

      Thank you so much Katie. They definitely keep my on my toes and hopefully they will look back on these memories one day with big smiles. 🙂

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