DIY floral bunny headband how to

DIY Floral Bunny Ears

I have never made anything with fake flowers before and one of my worst talents is arranging flowers so if I can do this I think anyone can. I saw something similar to this on instagram. They were made by a professional florist who was holding live auctions to sell her creations. I don’t have a daughter and buying items in a competitive setting stresses me out so I just decided to let it go. Then a few days later, I saw the same wire bunny ears at Target for $2 a piece so I figured it would be fun to attempt to make my own. I bought a few bunny ears then went to Michaels to pick out some fake flowers.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

When I got home, I  searched on-line to see if any tutorials already existed and a few did, but they kind of skipped over the attaching of the flowers part, or didn’t provide enough detail for someone like me to figure out what the heck to do, or a few suggested hot gluing the flowers on, which may also work, but I felt that wasn’t the best option. So I played around a bit, looked up basic instructions for working with fake flowers and just started creating. I’ll admit, they may not be boutique quality, but once on they look great.

DIY floral bunny headband how to


Wire Bunny Ears

Fake Flowers (I just picked out a few small to medium-sized flower stems from Michaels)

Floral Wire

Floral Tape

Wire Cutters

First, I pulled the flowers off the stems and designed my headbands. Then I started attaching the leaves with the wire.

DIY floral bunny headband how toNext, I cut a strip of floral wire and bent it in half. I placed it up into the center of the flower then secured it by wrapping the floral tape around the base of the flower bud and down the wire. This created a bendable stem.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

Once you do that for all your flowers, you just start in the center and attach the flowers one by one by wrapping the stems around the headband. That’s it. Very easy, quick and cute! 🙂

DIY floral bunny headband how to

Here is what they look like on (I was hoping Luc would model them so you could see how they would work on a toddler or kid, but no such luck, hehe.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

DIY floral bunny headband how to


>diy floral bunny ears how to
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