mama, you rock free card printable - perfect for Mother's Day or just because to encourage and uplift your mama friends

Mama, You Rock!

One of the hardest things for me when transitioning from working to staying at home was the lack of validation and re-assurance that I was doing a good job. At work, I didn’t get much of this either, so I figured I would have been better prepared, but I quickly realized that I had figured out ways to validate myself. I made to-do lists, did trending to make sure I was always improving, I had an annual audit where an outside source evaluated my work, then gave me feedback and a score. As a stay at home mom, my to do lists were never even getting looked at, heck, I was barely even finding time to shower and I constantly felt like I was failing. I didn’t really talk to anyone about how I was feeling, but I assumed I wasn’t the only one.

Facing challenges like that again, also brought back a lot of memories from my first year with each of my boys. Hudson had reflux, allergies and eczema and was therefore always fussy and needing to be held. Luc had food intolerances and tummy issues (nothing to the extreme like with Hudson), but he was a terrible sleeper and I was an emotional mess. So many times I would wonder why motherhood seemed to be so much harder for me.

As I talk to more and more mom friends though, I realize that many of us feel this way at one point or another. I had been trying to think of a small way I could make a positive change and had a little lightbulb moment around the holidays and when we were in Australia. Just before we left for our trip, my best friend’s mom sent me a text telling me she was proud of me and that I was doing a wonderful job with my kids and then while in Australia, my sister-in-law also told me that I was doing a great job raising my boys. I cried when I read those words in the text and almost burst into tears the second time too. Their words were so powerful and it got me thinking that many of us moms don’t hear encouragement like that often enough. It seems like the focus is primarily on what we are doing wrong or what we can be doing better (and I am definitely my own worst critic) so it was just nice to feel validated and hear that encouragement.

I decided I wanted to make more of an effort to uplift my mama friends, but sometimes it’s hard or awkward, at least for me, to verbalize praise for my mama friends, especially when most of our gatherings involve chasing after our kids. I figured a card would be a better approach and there is just something special about receiving a hand written note in the mail. I enlisted the help of one of my favorite mamas to do the artwork. She founded the facebook group, First Time Mommy Group, which provided me with so much support and encouragement my first few years of motherhood (you can also find her on instagram, just click here). It seemed fitting that she be involved in creating another way to uplift and acknowledge mamas. I’ve made her beautiful artwork into a printable and can’t wait to start writing notes to send to all my mama friends.  

I hope we can use these notes to tell our mama friends what a great job they are doing, or to share our own struggles so they don’t feel so alone or just to give them a little boost on a tough day (because even the best mom with the easiest baby has those tough days). I hope we can use these cards as one step towards lifting each other up and encouraging each other because Mama, You Rock!

Click here to get your free printable.

*If you send or receive one of these cards and share it on social media, please use the hashtag #mamayourock

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  • Reply Kate May 20, 2017 at 5:16 am

    Awe you are so sweet. I love random act of kindness. We all need a little lift here and there.

    • Reply May 24, 2017 at 1:36 pm

      Thank you. I agree, a few kind words can go a long way towards lifting others up. 🙂

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