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Pre-Cruise Fun

If you follow me on instagram you know that we went on a last-minute Disney Cruise to Northern Europe. Since we’ve been back we’ve gone to San Diego, Mammoth and Lake Mead so life has been really busy, but oh so fun (so no complaints from me), but I haven’t had any time to catch up on laundry, let alone blog, so I apologize for the absence. Life seems to be calming down a little, so I am going to do my best to get some blogging done. If you have any specific questions regarding a Disney Cruise, a Baltic Sea Cruise, traveling with little kids, etc. please message me and I will try to answer them in one of my upcoming posts.:)

With only a few weeks to plan for our trip, in addition to all the regular end of school year activities, we didn’t have much time for pre-cruise fun, but I had to include a few things. We do chain link countdowns for everything and we couldn’t let this special trip go by without counting down to it. We used Disney themed colors and made Mickey ears on the black chains and Mickey pants on the red ones. (Thanks for the inspiration Mamas Like Me) This is such an easy activity, helps the kids with numbers and is a great visual way for them to see how long until the event occurs! To add to the fun, I asked each member of the family what they were most looking forward to and printed them up on Mickey ears. I plan to use these on a scrapbook page.

Disney Cruise Countdown and creative prompt - what we are most excited to do

I read repeatedly that magnets are a great thing to bring on cruises because the walls are magnetic. I didn’t want to bring plain magnets, so I made a few Disney magnets using Simple Stories Say Cheese scrapbooking paper, clear marble vase fillers, Ranger Glossy Accents, magnets and scissors. These are so quick and easy to make and worked perfect on our cruise to hold up our itinerary, daily activity newsletter and event tickets.

diy disney magnets to hang docs onto wall on disney cruise

I also quickly made this digital scrapbook page with our itinerary. I always like things that serve more than one purpose. I placed the two pages onto one 8.5×11 to print out and take with us. I hung it up in our room using my cute magnets. It was helpful to see what was coming up, how long we had in ports, what activities we had planned and to add notes when we did things different from what we had planned. Now that I am home, it won’t take much time to update these pages and order prints of them for my scrapbook.

Disney Cruise Itinerary scrapbook page - make this before to take with you as a helpful guide, then update it and add it to your scrapbook when you get home

We also requested a call from Mickey and Minnie, which can be done through the Disney Cruise website. The kids loved it!! It made them even more excited about the trip and really, who wouldn’t think it was cool to get a phone call from Mickey and Minnie?

Another must for the cruise were door magnets. I had read that people put fun magnets on their door and I immediately turned to Etsy to order some. We got them so fast and they worked great! I highly recommend CoCo Beans. It was so fun walking up and down the hallways admiring everyone’s doors and it also helped the boys find our door when they went running off down the hallway ahead of us. 😉

door magnets for disney cruise

If you are celebrating any special occasions while on board, you can use a form through the Disney Cruise website (I was told they are working to make an on-line form which will be much more convenient) to order a special cake ahead of time. I surprised my mom with this Mickey cake and a few other fun Disney goodies on her birthday. The cake was so cute and really delicious!! (One word of warning to anyone with food allergies, I was told this cake had nuts in it although no one was able to give me a straight answer on what type of nuts or confirm if nuts were actually an ingredient or if they just listed nuts because of cross-contamination concern. I didn’t taste any nuts in it, but to be safe we didn’t share any with the kids).

mickey cake on cruise ship is perfect for a birthday celebration

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