a month of elf on the shelf ideas with free north pole breakfast printables

Elf on the Shelf 2016

This was our third year of having Jingle Bell visit and it is becoming one of our favorite traditions. We always kick of Jingle Bell’s arrival with a fun breakfast and we all just love looking for him each morning.  Here is all of the fun we had while Jingle Bell visited us last year. 

a month of elf on the shelf ideas. Tons of fun original ideas with free printables and links to free printables

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Day 1 – North Pole Breakfast (12/3)

north pole breakfast - elf on the shelf idea - free printables

Since we usually spend Thanksgiving out of town, our elf always arrives the first Saturday of December. Last year, he arrived on December 3rd, 2016.  We hosted our North Pole Breakfast to welcome our elf, Jingle Bell. We had Snowman donuts, strawberry/banana santa hats, chocolate reindeer donuts and gifts. To read more about this tradition and all the fun we had at our breakfast (and to get some free printables), CLICK HERE

Day 2 – Snow Angel (12/4)

snow angel- elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell dumped out some of our fake snow decorations and made a snow angel.

Day 3 – Ornament Hunt (12/5)

hide ornaments around the house to find and add to the tree - elf on the shelf ideas


Scavenger Hunts have been a big hit over the years, so this year Jingle Bell hid ornaments around the house. He asked the kids to find them and then put them on the tree.

Day 4 – Spreading Holiday Cheer (12/6)

spread holiday cheer - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell brought us a gift bow and asked us to spread some holiday cheer by doing something nice for someone else. We filled a box with cookies and gave it to our mailman. I know the kids are still young, but I’m hoping as they get older we can continue to teach them about doing nice things for others, especially at this time of year. To get the free printables from Frugal Coupon Living, click here.

Day 5 – Nerf Gun Attack (12/7)

nerf gun attack - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell was hanging upside down pointing a nerf gun at us. Of course, Hudson thought it was hilarious.

Day 6 – Pooping Elf (12/8)

Pooping Elf - elf on the shelf idea

We found Jingle Bell in the bathroom, pooping in a glass and reading the Elf on the Shelf Book. The boys couldn’t believe their elf poops chocolate kisses. This was one of their favorites, by far. In fact, a year later, they are still talking about it. Being a mom of boys has meant accepting that boys think poop is funny, lol. To get the mini Elf on the Shelf Book from A Little of This That, click here.

Day 7 – Disney Gingerbread House (12/9)

gingerbread house - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell brought us a gingerbread kit. The kids loved that it was a Disney themed house and we all had a great time building it together.

Day 8 – Backwards Day (12/10)

Backwards Day - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell declared it Backwards Day. He turned our banner around, wore his clothes backwards, and encouraged us to be as backwards as possible for the day. We had dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner and the boys wore their clothes backwards too. It was such a fun and silly day!

Day 9 – Train Ride Around the Tree (12/11)

elf riding a train around the tree - elf on the shelf idea

The kids woke up to find Jingle Bell riding a train around the tree. The kids absolutely loved this!

Day 10 – Elf Yourself (12/12)

Elf Yourself - elf on the shelf ideas

The kids loved looking in the mirror and becoming an elf.

Day 11 – Swinging from the Light (12/13)

elf swinging from a chandelier - elf on the shelf idea

Part of the fun for the boys is trying to find Jingle Bell each morning. JB doesn’t have to always be doing something elaborate, just the fact that he is somewhere else and the kids get to search for him brings them so much joy.

Day 12 – Lego Christmas Tree (12/14)

elf sized Christmas tree - elf on the shelf ideas

Jingle Bell built his own elf sized Christmas tree with legos.

Day 13 – Paper Sack Races (12/15)

sack race with other stuffed animals - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell recruited some of the boys’ other toys to have a sack race.

Day 14 – Nerf Gun Fight (12/16)

nerf gun fight - elf on the shelf idea

Apparently the toys thought Jingle Bell was cheating at the sack races, so they tied him up and had a nerf gun fight. The boys thought it was pretty funny.

Day 15 – Snowball Fight (12/15)

elf on the shelf snowball fight with instructions to make your own ice walls - elf on the shelf ideas

The boys woke up to find Jingle Bell and Buzz Lightyear having a snowball fight. Then they noticed that Jingle Bell had left them their own ice walls and their snowballs so they could have their own snowball fight. It was so fun! One of our favorite Jingle Bell memories and the ice walls and snowballs have provided hours and hours of fun! Click here to learn how to make your own ice walls and click here to purchase indoor snowballs.

Day 16 – Paper Airplane (12/18)

paper airplane riding elf - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell took one of the paper airplanes the boys had made and flew on it.

Day 17 – Glow Party (12/19)

glow party - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell had a glow party in the bathroom. He had glow stick necklaces around his neck and left some for the boys to play with too.

Day 18 – Book Tree (12/20)

new Christmas books decorating the tree - elf on the shelf idea

Jingle Bell brought the boys a bunch of new books and covered the tree in them. It wasn’t quite as funny as when JB covered the tree in underwear, but the kids still liked it. Plus, they loved having new holiday books to read.

Day 19 – Cookie Decorating (12/21)

let's make cookies for santa cookie playset - elf on the shelf ideas

Jingle Bell brought the boys the cutest pretend cookie set and suggested we bake cookies for Santa.

Day 20 – sELF Portrait (12/22)

sELF portrait - elf on the shelf ideas

Jingle Bell painted a sELF portrait. He is quite an artist.

Day 21 – Mini Cookies (12/23)

Elf size cookies - elf on the shelf ideas

We baked our cookies a few days earlier, but didn’t have time to decorate them, so Jingle Bell made some elf sized cookies and reminded us that we needed to finish our cookies for Santa.

Day 22 – Goodbye Jingle Bell (12/24)

Goodbye Letter - elf on the shelf ideas

Jingle Bell said good-bye and headed off the the North Pole.

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