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DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

Halloween Mickey Magnets – Free Printable

Before our first Disney Cruise I made a scrapbook page of our itinerary (You can check it out here). I liked it so much that I decided to make another one for our Halloween Disney Cruise. I love how this helps during the trip, then can be printed and placed in a scrapbook after. Since this was a Halloween cruise, I changed the pages up a bit to fit the theme. I also knew I would need to bring magnets again, but the ones I made for the last cruise didn’t match, so I made Halloween ones. These magnets are perfect for holding up the itinerary, event tickets, the daily navigator, etc. They would also make a great fish extender gift. Or if you just love Disney like our family does, you could use these around Halloween on your white board or fridge. Just click here for your free printable and follow the instructions below.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

To make the magnets you need the following:


  1. Print magnet printable on white cardstock
  2. Cut magnet shapes out
  3. Add glossy accents on top, let dry.
  4. Keep adding layers of Glossy Accents until shape feels sturdy.
  5. Add magnet to backside of each shape with Glossy Accents.

I’ve also added a few cards to the printable. These can be used to write notes about your trip, which can be added to a scrapbook when you get home. They could also be used to leave notes for people in other rooms. Or you could use them to write notes in your own room.

I hope you enjoy these printables and I hope that they make your Halloween Disney Cruise a little more magical.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

If you want to make a fun countdown for your Halloween Disney Cruise, check out this post.

Halloween Mickey and Minnie paper chain countdown - free printable - perfect to countdown to Halloween Time at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Mickey's Halloween Party, a Halloween Disney Cruise or Halloween


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Disney cruise - pre-cruise diys - magnets, countdown, scrapbook itinerary and more

Pre-Cruise Fun

If you follow me on instagram you know that we went on a last-minute Disney Cruise to Northern Europe. Since we’ve been back we’ve gone to San Diego, Mammoth and Lake Mead so life has been really busy, but oh so fun (so no complaints from me), but I haven’t had any time to catch up on laundry, let alone blog, so I apologize for the absence. Life seems to be calming down a little, so I am going to do my best to get some blogging done. If you have any specific questions regarding a Disney Cruise, a Baltic Sea Cruise, traveling with little kids, etc. please message me and I will try to answer them in one of my upcoming posts.:)

With only a few weeks to plan for our trip, in addition to all the regular end of school year activities, we didn’t have much time for pre-cruise fun, but I had to include a few things. We do chain link countdowns for everything and we couldn’t let this special trip go by without counting down to it. We used Disney themed colors and made Mickey ears on the black chains and Mickey pants on the red ones. (Thanks for the inspiration Mamas Like Me) This is such an easy activity, helps the kids with numbers and is a great visual way for them to see how long until the event occurs! To add to the fun, I asked each member of the family what they were most looking forward to and printed them up on Mickey ears. I plan to use these on a scrapbook page.

Disney Cruise Countdown and creative prompt - what we are most excited to do

I read repeatedly that magnets are a great thing to bring on cruises because the walls are magnetic. I didn’t want to bring plain magnets, so I made a few Disney magnets using Simple Stories Say Cheese scrapbooking paper, clear marble vase fillers, Ranger Glossy Accents, magnets and scissors. These are so quick and easy to make and worked perfect on our cruise to hold up our itinerary, daily activity newsletter and event tickets.

diy disney magnets to hang docs onto wall on disney cruise

I also quickly made this digital scrapbook page with our itinerary. I always like things that serve more than one purpose. I placed the two pages onto one 8.5×11 to print out and take with us. I hung it up in our room using my cute magnets. It was helpful to see what was coming up, how long we had in ports, what activities we had planned and to add notes when we did things different from what we had planned. Now that I am home, it won’t take much time to update these pages and order prints of them for my scrapbook.

Disney Cruise Itinerary scrapbook page - make this before to take with you as a helpful guide, then update it and add it to your scrapbook when you get home

We also requested a call from Mickey and Minnie, which can be done through the Disney Cruise website. The kids loved it!! It made them even more excited about the trip and really, who wouldn’t think it was cool to get a phone call from Mickey and Minnie?

Another must for the cruise were door magnets. I had read that people put fun magnets on their door and I immediately turned to Etsy to order some. We got them so fast and they worked great! I highly recommend CoCo Beans. It was so fun walking up and down the hallways admiring everyone’s doors and it also helped the boys find our door when they went running off down the hallway ahead of us. 😉

door magnets for disney cruise

If you are celebrating any special occasions while on board, you can use a form through the Disney Cruise website (I was told they are working to make an on-line form which will be much more convenient) to order a special cake ahead of time. I surprised my mom with this Mickey cake and a few other fun Disney goodies on her birthday. The cake was so cute and really delicious!! (One word of warning to anyone with food allergies, I was told this cake had nuts in it although no one was able to give me a straight answer on what type of nuts or confirm if nuts were actually an ingredient or if they just listed nuts because of cross-contamination concern. I didn’t taste any nuts in it, but to be safe we didn’t share any with the kids).

mickey cake on cruise ship is perfect for a birthday celebration

summer and winter bucket list scrapbook pages by the creative copycat - a great way to document a fun summer activity.

Summer and Winter Bucket List Scrapbook Pages

Last summer, a few of my friends posted a summer bucket list for their kids on social media. I thought it sounded like such a fun idea so I immediately asked Hudson what 5 things he most wanted to do that summer (a lot of people make huge lists, but I felt like 5 was much more manageable and it forced him to really prioritize). I wrote down his answers and we set out to check each one off the list. I decided that instead of just making a list, I would make it into a scrapbook page. I had a kit that worked perfect, so I typed up a list to put on the page and added small pictures of Hudson doing each item on the list.

summer bucket list scrapbook page by the creative copycat

We had so much fun with the Summer Bucket List and I loved the scrapbook layout so much that we decided to do it for winter too. I again asked Hudson to list 5 things he really wanted to do and we again made it happen. I just love making these memories with him and love documenting it for our scrapbook.

winter bucket list scrapbook page by the creative copycat

I can’t wait to see if Luc is ready to join in on the fun this summer. 🙂

dessert taco bar using oreos, colored coconut, mashed up cupcake and mini m&ms. Link to free printables too.

Cinco de Mayo – Dessert Taco Bar

What’s better than a taco bar? Well, for me not much, but for the kids (especially Hudson), this dessert taco bar was everything! I came across the cutest printables from The Littles and Me that I just knew I had to use. When another friend, Maggie at Just Create Today, posted the cutest oreo cookie tacos I knew I needed to make a dessert taco bar. I just used food coloring and shredded coconut to make the cheese and lettuce, a smashed up chocolate cupcake for the meat and mini red m&m’s for the tomatoes. The hardest part was actually cutting the golden oreos in half – they kept breaking. For all the exact details and instructions on making the tacos, check out this post on Just Create Today. Then I set-up a little taco bar and let the kids get to work assembling their tacos.

dessert taco bar using oreos, colored coconut, mashed up cupcake and mini m&ms. Link to free printables too.

Hudson was really into it and Luc just wanted to eat everything, so he grabbed a taco shell and went to town on the “meat.” The tacos looked so realistic and this was a really fun activity for us to do together. None of us are fans of coconut (if I think of a substitute, I will let you know, but it just looks so realistic that we had to include it) so we just scooped our toppings off before eating our tacos and they were delicious!

dessert taco bar using oreos, colored coconut, mashed up cupcake and mini m&ms. Link to free printables too.

The next night, for Cinco de Mayo I re-used my taco bar sign and we had my family over for tacos, margaritas and the rest of the chocolate cupcakes. Earlier in the week I came across a Cinco de Mayo box in the garage that had all sorts of cool things in it from a party I threw back in college (hoarding for the win!). I found the cutest little drink charms that also worked perfect as cupcake toppers. The best find though was a Fiesta Playlist. There were a few gems on it that made me smile like Macarena and Livin’ la Vida Loca and the boys and I had a blast dancing around the house together.

Cinco de Mayo playlist

It was also National Scrapbooking Day this weekend, so I scored some new digital scrapbooking products at a great price and quickly created a fun scrapbook page of our Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

cinco de mayo digital scrapbook page using Simple Stories by the Creative Copycat

every blonde needs a brunette best friend scrapbook layout by the creative copycat

Every Blonde Needs a Brunette Best Friend Scrapbook Page

Happy Scrapbooking Sunday! If you follow me on instagram, you know I post a scrapbooking layout every Sunday. I’m a bit behind on blogging the scrapbooking pages though, sorry. I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram so you can see all my creations and hear all of my tips. 🙂

This page was inspired by a layout made by Leanne Allinson for Bella Blvd (if you click on the link you can see her layout). I just fell in love with her page and knew it would be a perfect starting point for a photo I’ve been wanting to scrapbook for a while.

every blonde needs a brunette best friend scrapbook layout by the creative copycat

I don’t have the original of this photo, this is a scan, but it is one of my absolute favorites. I have known my best friend since birth because our moms are best friends. We took ballet class together as kids, which is when this photo was taken. Over the years, my best friend and I have moved away from each other, gone to different schools and occasionally been at different stages in life, but we have always remained best friends. We have been there for all of life’s biggest moments, including our weddings, which were only a few weeks apart and the births of our kids. I am so very blessed to have a best friend like her and this page is one of my favorite pages I think I have ever made.

Digital scrapbook documenting baby's first year - with weekly photos and text. Products are Bella Blvd Baby Boy Digital Collection

Hudson’s First Year in Weekly Pictures Album

I am so excited to share this project with you. This has been on my to-do list for so long and once I finally got started, I finished it in three weeks! I don’t think I have ever finished a photo related project that quickly before.

A friend of mine, Jackie, who blogs over at The Howard Bunch shared the idea of taking weekly photos of your kids their first year. I fell in love with the idea because a lot happens each week and babies change so quickly. I took the weekly photos and kept notes on my phone, then posted each weekly update to my personal blog. I had always planned to get one of those blog books printed, but just never did it. I finally looked into it last month and was underwhelmed by the options and difficulty of getting just the specific posts I wanted into a book (not to mention the hassle of importing my blog because it is private). I then turned to Shutterfly, which I normally love, but again it just didn’t feel right for this project and after making a few pages I realized it was going to take me forever to create and cost me a fortune to purchase. I also considered traditional scrapbooking since I had already printed the pictures for Hudson’s 1st birthday, but because I had so much text to go with each picture I knew formatting and printing it for each layout would be a long process. So, I decided to try digital scrapbooking. I have never made digital scrapbooks before, so I purchased a kit from my favorite scrapbooking company, Bella Blvd, and for my first page I figured I would duplicate a page made by Megan Klauer just to get a feel for how it works.

Digital scrapbook page originally designed by Megan Klauer and re-created by the Creative Copycat - using products from the Bella Blvd Baby Boy Digital Collection

I was blown away by how easy it was and how quick too. So with that, I was off. I kept my pages simple as I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this project and I knew the previous options I had looked at had been very basic and I am so happy with how it turned out. Plus it was so fun to re-read my notes about Hudson throughout his first year – so many fun milestones, funny moments and challenges that I had already forgotten. I was also cracking up because their was a lot of text! I am not really a journalist (i.e. I despise it when I scrapbook and have layouts from years ago with the journaling spots still blank), but this was totally that first time mommy – I want to remember every little detail- thing and it makes me smile to remember being in that stage. I realize now that I have kids how important telling the story is in addition to the pictures and I really hope that Hudson will love reading all about his first year when he grows up.

Digital scrapbook documenting baby's first year - with weekly photos and text. Products are Bella Blvd Baby Boy Digital Collection

Here is some of the info if you would like to make an album like this of your own.

-I just took notes in my phone as soon  as possible after things happened – then combined the notes into weekly blurbs when I had the time.

-I used the polaroid frame and text in the free version of Ribbet to format my photos.

-I used Panstoria Artisan 4 to make my pages (If you are a digital scrapper, I’d love to hear what program you use)

-I plan to order my 12×12 prints from Persnickety Prints

If you have any other questions, please let me know. 🙂

koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots and watercolors

Koala Love Scrapbook Page

Life has been a bit hectic since we returned from Australia. We left the day after Christmas so our house is still an explosion of Christmas decorations and presents. Hudson and I are still recovering from our colds turned ear and chest infections. Luc has joined in on the fun with fevers and an ear infection (which means lots of sleepless nights for me) and Nic has been on the cusp of his cough/cold turning into something more serious since we got home from out trip. As you can imagine our house is a disaster and I have a fairly long to do list, but squeezing in some me time and getting crafty always helps my mood and I just felt like it was much-needed. Plus, I set a little goal for myself that I want to try to post a scrapbooking related post every Sunday, which has been a great motivator for me to find time throughout the week to scrapbook.

koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots

For this page, I made up a few rules for myself. I wanted to use paints of some sort, which is totally out of my comfort zone and I wanted to get everything completed while my husband took our boys to the park, which meant I had about one to two hours total. I picked out a few papers and got my pictures ready the night before, then once I had the house to myself I got to work. I liked the time constraint and deadline because I am an over-thinker, but I just got to work and didn’t over analyze anything. I tried both illustrated faith acrylic paints and artist’s loft watercolors and liked how the watercolor page turned out better. I know it isn’t perfect, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

koala love scrapbook page using bella blvd zoo crew and tiny tots and watercolors

I did find myself wanting to change a few things as I looked at it on my instagram post, but I had to stop myself immediately. I am going for enjoyment in the process and completion of projects not perfection and I definitely accomplished my goals with this page. I  think I might need to create little challenges like this for myself in the future. 🙂

yeary ornament scrapbook page using Bella Blvd by thecreativecopycat

Yearly Ornaments Scrapbook Page

Every year, we select a family ornament for our tree. They are some of my most treasured possessions and I love sharing stories about each one and admiring them on our tree all December long. The boys love ornaments and decorating the tree as much as I do, but they haven’t quite grasped the concept of fragile and irreplaceable yet, so on top of placing these at the top of our tree, for added insurance, I decided to document them. I love that these ornaments tell the story of our little family. Nic and I in love, finding out we were expecting just before Christmas, becoming a family of three and now our family of four. 🙂 I also included a special ornament from each of the boys’ first Christmas because I felt they were a key part of the story and I needed to fill a few more boxes. 😉 The kids select an ornament every year and at some point, I would like to make pages documenting all of our special ornaments, but for now, this is at least a start. 🙂

I got my layout inspiration from this gorgeous page by Katie Rose. I love collages and knew this would work perfect.

pinterest photo of bella blvd layout by Katie Rose

I took a picture of each ornament on white cardstock, then used befunky to place them into a collage. I left the center blank and printed this out at 8.5×8.5.

holiday ornament collage for scrapbooking page

Then I selected papers and embellishments from the Bella Blvd Make it Merry, Holly Jolly  and CHRISTmas collections. One quick tip, that you will love if you are a paper hoarder like me. If I am layering squares of paper, I always cut a square out of the bottom layer first using my trimmer and save it to use in another layout. This is what it looks like from the back. I usually play it safe so I make my square pretty small. Just slide your paper in your trimmer, pick up your blade until it is where you want to start your cut, then push it into the paper and pull it down, being sure to stop a few inches from the bottom of the paper. Turn your paper and repeat, until you have cut out your square.

scrapbook tip - cut out square to save paper

Then I assembled my page using some pop dots for a little dimension. I’m so happy with how it turned out and now I can worry just a little less about my precious ornaments as I know that one way or another the story of them will be passed on for generations to come.

yearly ornament details scrapbook page by thecreativecopycat



scrapbook layout 4 ways using bella blvd by the creative copycat

Scrapbooking Layout 4 Ways

Happy Scrapbooking Sunday. I have a quick tip to share that helps me create more pages faster. When I find a layout I like, I make 4 versions of it at the same time. For example, this layout was from a Bella Blvd kit and I just love it, especially the fact that it allows me to get so many pictures on the page.

scrapbook layout 12x12 using Bella Blvd by the Creative Copycat

Instead of just making the kit and moving on, I chose four different themes and events from different years so the layout wouldn’t be included in the same album, then made all four at the same time. I picked out, formatted and printed all the pictures together, I typed up and printed all the journaling together and cut all the paper together, then assembled each page and added all the little embellishments and details. Using this method allowed me to create four scrapbook pages in a little more than the time it would have taken me to make one.

autumn 12x12 layout using bella blvd Hello Autumn by the Creative Copycat

december scrapbook layout 12x12 using bella blvd by the creative copycat

scrapbook layout 12x12 using Bella Blvd by the Creative Copycat

In case you are interested in creating this layout, here are the details:

Photo sizes: 2.5×3 (1), 4×3 (1), 2.75×2.75 (2), 3.75×3.75 (1)

Paper: 2 strips 4×11, 1 strip 1.25×11, 1 strip 1×11, 1 strip 0.5×11

scrapbook tips for busy moms

Scrapbooking Tips for Busy Moms

I love traditional scrapbooking, but as a mom it can be difficult to find the time. With our busy lives and the juggling of 10,000 things it can feel nearly impossible to find time to shower, let alone scrapbook, right? Once you fall behind too, it can be so overwhelming and difficult to jump back in that you just never do. I didn’t scrapbook much for the first few years of being a mom and it was hard to get back into it. I was overwhelmed and exhausted and whenever I had a few minutes I just found myself staring at my supplies feeling totally lost. I’m happy to say though, that for the past 9 months I have been scrapbooking pretty consistently and I have a few tips to share.

  1. Use kits, which are pre-designed pages that come with all the products needed to complete the page (minus basic crafting supplies) and step by step instructions. It is obviously very rewarding to create your own pages, but at this point in my life, I rarely have time for that. By the time I pick paper, coordinating embellishments and select my pictures, my time is up. I make a lot of kits these days because I can actually finish a page. I will usually start a kit while watching tv with my husband or on a craft day with Hudson and by the following week, I can usually be on to the next kit. I put this one first because when you haven’t scrapbooked in a while a kit is the perfect place to start. No thinking involved (which is an especially welcome blessing for this exhausted mama), it is fast and watching kits pile up and start to fill albums is a huge motivator. Some great places to look for kits are Paisleys and Polka Dots, Down to Details, ScraptiqueOut on A Limb Scrapbooking and Lotts to Scrap About.
  2. Do as much on your phone as possible-edit photos, make collages, etc. You have this little tool in your hand all the time so you might as well use it right? Especially since most of us take the majority of our photos on our phones these days,and we are already adding filters and making collages for apps like instagram and facebook, so we might as well print those photos out and use them.
  3. Try to find a space where you can leave your stuff out- I know I am so lucky to have a scrapbooking room, but even if you don’t have a dedicated room if you can find a dedicated space it will make a huge difference. That way if you find a few minutes of time, you can just pick up where you left off instead of using all that free time to put out and/or clean up your project
  4. Buy a printer and start printing your pictures at home. I bought a Canon PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Business Printer for under $150 (it was on sale) and it has been a game changer for me. I am not organized enough to plan ahead and order pictures, so being able to print out exactly what I need in the size I need while in my pajamas has made a huge difference in my productivity.
  5. Get the kids involved. My oldest son no longer naps so I have had to get creative with my crafting time. One day a week while his little brother naps, we craft. I give Hudson paper, punches, scissors, stickers, etc. and he loves it. Cutting paper into little tiny, impossible to vacuum pieces is one of his all time favorite activities. He has his own little stash of supplies in my scrapbooking room now and I can usually squeeze in about thirty minutes to an hour of crafting time.
  6. Try to attend a scrapbooking retreat or event annually. There is just something about being around other scrapbookers and having time to focus on something you love that can really re-spark your passion and get you motivated again.
  7. Use sketches or pages you like for inspiration. Scraplifting is totally encouraged in the scrapbooking community so take advantage. Follow scrapbook blogs, IG accounts and personal scrapbookers that you love or search on Pinterest and then copy away. The Bella Blvd blog even offers a monthly Project Sheet with step by step directions to copy a layout from one of their designers.
  8. Repeat layouts and designs. If you find a layout you like, re-use it. Your family isn’t going to notice, I promise.
  9. Read your scrapbooks as bedtime stories. Every few weeks, we pull out a scrapbook and look through it together as a family before bed. The kids love it and it really inspires me to keep creating.
  10. It’s better to be finished than to be perfect! This is the one I struggle with the most. I want every page to be amazing, but the most important thing is the pictures, the stories and people behind them.

Happy Scrapping!

10 scrapbook tips for busy moms

Do you have anything you would add to this list?  What works for you?