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Tropical Paper Chain Countdown

Tropical Paper Chain Countdown

We obviously love paper chain countdowns in our house. We make them for everything and the kids and I love them. Before our Hawaii trip  I had been thinking that a tropical themed countdown would be fun and I knew pineapples and flowers would be perfect.

Tropical Paper Chain Countdown

I figured I would check Pinterest first to see if anyone else had done something similar and came across the cutest pineapple countdown by Short Stop Designs. I downloaded her free printable (you can too by clicking the link to her blog) and we made pineapples, but I still wanted to add some flowers into the mix. I found a free flower printable on Pinterest and used that too. I still felt it needed a bit more, so I cut out a smaller pink center for my flowers and made a stem using a snowflake punch and orange construction paper. To add these to your flowers, CLICK HERE to download my free printable. You can just print them out directly onto pink and orange construction paper, then cut them out and glue them to the center of your flowers.

Tropical Paper Chain Countdown

I then used the Simple Stories Wish You Were Here Digital Collection to make the countdown sign. I let the boys cut the 1.5″ inch paper strips and they helped staple them together. Didn’t it turn out so cute?! I actually kept “forgetting” to have the boys pull chains off the countdown because I loved looking at it so much.

Tropical Paper Chain Countdown

*This free printable from is for personal use only, you may not sell, share or link directly to this file.

Tropical Paper Chain Countdown
Tropical Paper Chain Countdown
Tropical Paper Chain Countdown


turkey handprint craft

Fall Fun

We have been having so much fun celebrating the fall season. In past years, we have kind of gone straight from Halloween to Christmas and skipped over fall, so we are really enjoying all the fall activities this year. Here are some of the fun things we have done:

Turkey Playdoh

turkey playdoh invitation to play


– Play doh in brown, red, orange, and yellow

– Feathers (you could also collect leaves to use as the turkey’s feathers)

– Orange Pipe Cleaner cut into small pieces

– Googly eyes

turkey playdoh activity

Fall Leaves Playdoh Mat

fall leaves playdoh mat is a fun fall activity

I also printed out and laminated a fall playdoh mat from Tot Schooling. We had a lot of fun making leaves for our tree. We even made a game out of it by each selecting a play doh color and seeing who could make and place the most leaves on the tree. This site had tons of other fun playdoh mats so we will definitely be making more next fall. Plus since they are laminated, they are something we can use year after year.

Turkey Counting and Color Matching Activities

turkey counting playdoh activity

color sorting turkey feathers

I used printables from A Little Pinch of Perfect to set up a few different, fun activities for the boys. We used the turkey feathers for some color matching. We also used some playdoh and did some counting activities while making turkeys. The kids had a lot of fun with these educational printables.

Handprint Turkeys

turkey handprint craft

turkey handprint art

I am a sucker for handprint art, so I really wanted to make handprint turkeys with the boys. I found so many options on Pinterest, but the handprint feather one was my favorite. I made a few changes and love how it turned out. While we had the paint out, I couldn’t help but make the single hand turkeys as well. I made these with the boys on each of their first Thanksgivings and thought it would be so fun to compare the size of their hands now to the baby handprints.

Feed the Turkey

feed the turkey is a fun activity that helps with counting and fine motor skills

feed the turkey is a fun activity that helps with counting and fine motor skills

feed the turkey is a fun activity that helps with counting and fine motor skills

My boys loved this activity from Busy Toddler. I used a milk jar from the dollar section of target, some construction paper and googly eyes to make my turkey. Then placed a bag of pom poms into a bowl. We used our handy helper tongs I bought at Walmart and borrowed a spinner from a board game (you could also use dice). The boys took turns spinning the spinner, picking up that number of pom poms and placing them into the turkey. They both had so much fun with this activity!

Turkey Thankful For You Cards

thankful turkey craft

thankful turkey craft

thankful turkey craft

thankful turkey craft

thankful turkey craft

Luc begs to water color and color every single day, so when Ashley from The Littles and Me posted this project I knew I wanted to do it. The boys had so much fun using watercolors and kwikstix to paint and color their turkeys and feathers. Hudson even cut his feathers out and both boys glued the feathers to the turkeys. These will make the perfect gift for Luc’s Grandma and Nonna on Thanksgiving.

Fall Leaf Banner

DIY Fall Leaf Garland - inexpensive and easy to make - perfect to add a touch of fall to your decor

This was the perfect activity for my water color loving little boy. For all the details, check out this post.

Thankful Tree

thankful tree - paint leaves then each member of the family writes what they are thankful for

We had so much painting our leaves to make fall banners that we had a few leaves left over. I used the extra leaves and our black Halloween tree to make a thankful tree. We have spent a few evenings talking about what we are thankful for and writing those things on our leaves. It has been a lot of fun to hear what the kids are thankful for (things like snacks and toys, hehe). I can’t wait to add the leaves to my scrapbook after we are done admiring our tree.

Mini Pumpkin Pies

mini pumpkin pies - so cute, perfect Thanksgiving dessert and a fun baking activity with kids

It wouldn’t be fall without some baking. For all the details on these fun, mini pumpkin pies, check out this post.

Fall Shelfie

best books for fall and a cute way to display them

We have had so much fun reading books about Autumn, being thankful, turkeys and Thanksgiving. For all the details on our fall shelfie, check out this post.

Playing in the Leaves

playing in the leaves is the perfect fall activity

Since we live in Southern California, we don’t really get the full fall experience like most people do, but we do have a few trees near our house that change colors and lose their leaves. We have taken a few walks to play in the leaves and it is so fun. Even I wanted to pick up a pile and throw them in the air. There is just something about playing in leaves that truly makes it feel like fall.


kid tested and approved fun fall activities. Tons of Pinterest' best activities and art projects for fall and Thanksgiving

These activities were all pretty easy and lots of fun. I hope they inspire you to have some fall fun with your family.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

Halloween Mickey Magnets – Free Printable

Before our first Disney Cruise I made a scrapbook page of our itinerary (You can check it out here). I liked it so much that I decided to make another one for our Halloween Disney Cruise. I love how this helps during the trip, then can be printed and placed in a scrapbook after. Since this was a Halloween cruise, I changed the pages up a bit to fit the theme. I also knew I would need to bring magnets again, but the ones I made for the last cruise didn’t match, so I made Halloween ones. These magnets are perfect for holding up the itinerary, event tickets, the daily navigator, etc. They would also make a great fish extender gift. Or if you just love Disney like our family does, you could use these around Halloween on your white board or fridge. Just click here for your free printable and follow the instructions below.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

To make the magnets you need the following:


  1. Print magnet printable on white cardstock
  2. Cut magnet shapes out
  3. Add glossy accents on top, let dry.
  4. Keep adding layers of Glossy Accents until shape feels sturdy.
  5. Add magnet to backside of each shape with Glossy Accents.

I’ve also added a few cards to the printable. These can be used to write notes about your trip, which can be added to a scrapbook when you get home. They could also be used to leave notes for people in other rooms. Or you could use them to write notes in your own room.

I hope you enjoy these printables and I hope that they make your Halloween Disney Cruise a little more magical.

DIY halloween disney magnets - Free Printable - perfect to hold up your itinerary, tickets and daily navigator on a cruise. These would also make a great FE Exchange gift. Or would be cute around the house at Halloweentime.

If you want to make a fun countdown for your Halloween Disney Cruise, check out this post.

Halloween Mickey and Minnie paper chain countdown - free printable - perfect to countdown to Halloween Time at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Mickey's Halloween Party, a Halloween Disney Cruise or Halloween


All characters and images representing them © Walt Disney Company, all rights reserved. The images are intended for non-profit purposes only. This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Disney Company. Pumpkin Mickey image is from

shark week playdate - free banner printable, chumming for sharks yogurt recipe, shark bait recipe, link to popcorn bucket printable and tons of other shark week ideas

Shark Week Playdate and Free Printables

We had our friends over for a playdate during shark week, so I of course used it as an excuse to have a fun, shark themed get together. I love little events like this because it allows me to be crafty and creative without all the work and stress of a full-blown party. I didn’t start making stuff or preparing until Monday (our friends came over on Wednesday) so this is totally do-able for busy or last-minute moms. 🙂


I started out like I always do, searching Pinterest for ideas and free printables. I found some really cute stuff to use as well as some fun ideas. I didn’t see anything I could use for a banner though, so I made one myself. I think it turned out really cute and I always feel like a banner makes the table look complete. You can download the free banner printable by clicking HERE. Just cut it out, punch holes in the corners and run string through it. Lately I have been using blue painters tape to hang up my banners then covering the tape up with cute washi.

shark week letterboard idea

I also used my letterboard for the occasion. It was a bit of a challenge creating the shark fin, but I love how it turned out.


Chumming for Sharks Yogurt

chumming for sharks yogurt - perfect healthy snack or breakfast for shark week or a shark birthday

I wanted to have a few snacks with at least one healthy option, but most of the ideas on Pinterest were not very healthy. Usually I am all about desserts, but we have been making an effort to eat healthier lately so I came up with my own snack idea by combining a few ideas from Pinterest. We ended up making chumming for sharks yogurt. The kids helped me make these, which was a lot of fun. To make these you will need the following:

  • Granola (optional)
  • Greek Yogurt (we used vanilla)
  • Blue food coloring (you only need a few drops)
  • Frozen Strawberries in Sugar (we bought this from the frozen section of the grocery store)
  • Plastic Cups
  • Mini spoons
  • Grey construction paper (to make shark fins)
  • Glue gun

We added a little bit of granola to the bottom of the cups, put a few drops of blue food coloring into the yogurt, scooped the yogurt into the cup, then topped it with the chum (the frozen strawberries). I explained to the boys that chum is what they dump in the water to attract sharks and then what do you know, a few sharks showed up and jumped right into our bowls. 😉 The kids loved it! I free hand cut out shark fins out of grey construction paper and glued them onto mini spoons. I also used a few sharks left over from the adorable popcorn buckets I made using a printable from My Printly.

Shark Bait

shark bait popcorn snack is easy, delicious, and perfect for shark week or a shark party

Of course, I had to do one sweet treat, so I made shark bait. It was so delicious and all the little sharks ate it up super fast! I spent Tuesday night driving from store to store searching for shark gummies. I feel like I always see them until the time I need them, then they vanished. I found gummy bears, worms, snakes, octopus, frogs, dinosaurs, alligators and lions! Literally every gummy animal ever made except sharks! Then I thought, why would sharks want to eat sharks, and decided that putting them in my shark bait didn’t make sense anyways. That is when I came up with the goldfish idea. Sharks love eating fish, especially delicious sweet ones. They have so many fun flavors now too that you could use, but I must say, the s’mores goldfish were perfect in this recipe. To make the shark bait you will need the following:

  • Sea Salt Air Popped Popcorn
  • Ghiradelli White Chocolate Chips
  • Blue M&Ms
  • S’mores Goldfish Crackers

I put wax paper on a cookie sheet, spread out my popcorn, sprinkled in goldfish and m&ms, then drizzled the melted white chocolate over it. I put it in the fridge until it cooled then broke it apart and put it in the cutest popcorn buckets from My Printly. These were so perfect for our playdate and I have been refilling the containers with shark bait all week so the boys can munch on it while watching Shark Week.

Ocean Water

ocean water - blue gatorade with a swedish fish makes an easy and fun drink for shark week or a shark party

For drinks, I kept it simple with blue Gatorade and a swedish fish on each straw.


Shark Sensory Bin

shark sensory bin

I set up a shark sensory bin. What I love most about sensory bins is that they don’t always have to be fancy. I didn’t have time to buy anything (and to be honest didn’t really want to spend a bunch of money) so I just used what we already had. A bag of glass circle vase fillers, water and plastic sharks. That’s it! And you know what, the kids loved it and played with it for quite a while. Sometimes, I think we as moms get caught up in making everything Pinterest worthy, but kids don’t need much to have fun. They were getting so creative and having the best time! When you give kids water activities, you usually can’t go wrong.

Shark Slime

shark slime - perfect activity for shark week

We also made shark slime. For our first attempt, the day before the playdate, we tried to use a non-borax recipe, but the slime was so sticky. I watched a bunch of you tube videos and started adding everything they recommended for sticky slime, but nothing helped. So my hubby bought borax and like magic our sticky bowl of blue goop turned into slime. When our friends came over, we made a second batch using the borax recipe and it worked great. The kids loved playing with their sharks in the slime! I used this recipe to make the slime.

Shark Play Doh Mats

shark week playdoh mats free printables

I also had a little play doh station with our shark week playdoh mats, some playdoh and some cutters. My boys had already done this activity earlier in the week and the kids were all having so much fun with the other activities that we didn’t get to this. You can check the play doh mats out here.

Shark Cutting and Tracing Activity

free printable - shark cutting and tracing practice

I also made a fun little printable for Hudson. I printed one out and had it laminated so it could be used as a tracing exercise. Both boys had fun with that. Then I printed one out on regular paper so Hudson could also use it for cutting. Hudson loves cutting so this was perfect for him. You can get the printable HERE. *Graphics were purchased from Prettygrafik Design.


I had a few crafts to do that I found on Pinterest, but we didn’t get to those either. Good thing shark week lasts an entire week so we can fit in all the fun we planned.

Clothespin Sharks

clothespin shark craft for shark week

I let each of the kids select one craft from Pinterest. Hudson chose clothespin sharks from Kix. This wasn’t an ideal craft for my kids’ ages so I pretty much ended up making these, but the kids did love playing with them.

Toilet Paper Roll Sharks and Paper Towel Roll Hammerhead Sharks

Luc chose to make paper toilet roll sharks. The one he selected was a regular shark, but his favorite shark is the hammerhead so I got really excited when I found a paper towel roll hammerhead shark on Pinterest. We are planning to make both, but so far have only completed phase one. I will update this once we finish the project.

Shark Hats

shark hats perfect for shark week

I was also planning to make shark hats, but the hats we selected required an obscure paper size in numerous colors that was not readily available (please tell me I am not the only one who spends tons of time driving from store to store looking for seemingly basic craft supplies that are actually impossible to find). Luckily, one of my friends, Danielle, from Mama Life Inspiration, who is an awesome blogger, posted an adorable shark hat idea. So we ended up making those instead and the boys had tons of fun finger painting their shark fins and tails. Of course they also loved running around in their shark hats. For more details on the hats and for the link to the shark fin hat template click here. Danielle also has a bunch of other fun shark week ideas on her blog so be sure to take a look.

As you can see, we squeezed a whole lot of Shark Fun into one week. My boys just love sharks so much that I couldn’t help myself and went a little overboard. You could easily pick just a few of these ideas to make your shark week a bit more fun.

I hope you have a fin-tastic Shark Week!!

shark week playdoh mats free printables

Shark Week Playdoh Mats – Free Printables

My boys are obsessed with sharks so Shark Week is kind of a big deal in our house. The boys had so much fun playing with the Playdoh Mats I made. They loved cutting out shark teeth, placing them on the shark and then pretending that the shark was eating fish. They also had fun creating underwater scenes with seaweed, fish and shrimp. Luc had a harder time with this one, but both mats kept the kids entertained for quite a while and since I laminated the printables, I know they will provide lots more fun in the future.

shark week playdoh mats free printables

Here are some of the things I gave the kids to play with (there are so many possibilities, you can easily just use what you have on hand):

Mini Cookie Cutters (we used the triangle for the shark teeth and one that looked like a fish)

Playdoh Set (Any playdoh set with a few basic tools such as a rolling pin, knife, shape cutters and shape molds will work)

To download the ocean play doh mat Click Here.

To download the shark play doh mat Click Here.

I hope you enjoy these mats as much as we do!

*Graphics for these printables were purchased from Prettygrafik Design. These free printables from are for personal use only, you may not sell, share or link directly to these files.

shark week playdoh mats free printables
Disney cruise - pre-cruise diys - magnets, countdown, scrapbook itinerary and more

Pre-Cruise Fun

If you follow me on instagram you know that we went on a last-minute Disney Cruise to Northern Europe. Since we’ve been back we’ve gone to San Diego, Mammoth and Lake Mead so life has been really busy, but oh so fun (so no complaints from me), but I haven’t had any time to catch up on laundry, let alone blog, so I apologize for the absence. Life seems to be calming down a little, so I am going to do my best to get some blogging done. If you have any specific questions regarding a Disney Cruise, a Baltic Sea Cruise, traveling with little kids, etc. please message me and I will try to answer them in one of my upcoming posts.:)

With only a few weeks to plan for our trip, in addition to all the regular end of school year activities, we didn’t have much time for pre-cruise fun, but I had to include a few things. We do chain link countdowns for everything and we couldn’t let this special trip go by without counting down to it. We used Disney themed colors and made Mickey ears on the black chains and Mickey pants on the red ones. (Thanks for the inspiration Mamas Like Me) This is such an easy activity, helps the kids with numbers and is a great visual way for them to see how long until the event occurs! To add to the fun, I asked each member of the family what they were most looking forward to and printed them up on Mickey ears. I plan to use these on a scrapbook page.

Disney Cruise Countdown and creative prompt - what we are most excited to do

I read repeatedly that magnets are a great thing to bring on cruises because the walls are magnetic. I didn’t want to bring plain magnets, so I made a few Disney magnets using Simple Stories Say Cheese scrapbooking paper, clear marble vase fillers, Ranger Glossy Accents, magnets and scissors. These are so quick and easy to make and worked perfect on our cruise to hold up our itinerary, daily activity newsletter and event tickets.

diy disney magnets to hang docs onto wall on disney cruise

I also quickly made this digital scrapbook page with our itinerary. I always like things that serve more than one purpose. I placed the two pages onto one 8.5×11 to print out and take with us. I hung it up in our room using my cute magnets. It was helpful to see what was coming up, how long we had in ports, what activities we had planned and to add notes when we did things different from what we had planned. Now that I am home, it won’t take much time to update these pages and order prints of them for my scrapbook.

Disney Cruise Itinerary scrapbook page - make this before to take with you as a helpful guide, then update it and add it to your scrapbook when you get home

We also requested a call from Mickey and Minnie, which can be done through the Disney Cruise website. The kids loved it!! It made them even more excited about the trip and really, who wouldn’t think it was cool to get a phone call from Mickey and Minnie?

Another must for the cruise were door magnets. I had read that people put fun magnets on their door and I immediately turned to Etsy to order some. We got them so fast and they worked great! I highly recommend CoCo Beans. It was so fun walking up and down the hallways admiring everyone’s doors and it also helped the boys find our door when they went running off down the hallway ahead of us. 😉

door magnets for disney cruise

If you are celebrating any special occasions while on board, you can use a form through the Disney Cruise website (I was told they are working to make an on-line form which will be much more convenient) to order a special cake ahead of time. I surprised my mom with this Mickey cake and a few other fun Disney goodies on her birthday. The cake was so cute and really delicious!! (One word of warning to anyone with food allergies, I was told this cake had nuts in it although no one was able to give me a straight answer on what type of nuts or confirm if nuts were actually an ingredient or if they just listed nuts because of cross-contamination concern. I didn’t taste any nuts in it, but to be safe we didn’t share any with the kids).

mickey cake on cruise ship is perfect for a birthday celebration

DIY floral bunny headband how to

DIY Floral Bunny Ears

I have never made anything with fake flowers before and one of my worst talents is arranging flowers so if I can do this I think anyone can. I saw something similar to this on instagram. They were made by a professional florist who was holding live auctions to sell her creations. I don’t have a daughter and buying items in a competitive setting stresses me out so I just decided to let it go. Then a few days later, I saw the same wire bunny ears at Target for $2 a piece so I figured it would be fun to attempt to make my own. I bought a few bunny ears then went to Michaels to pick out some fake flowers.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

When I got home, I  searched on-line to see if any tutorials already existed and a few did, but they kind of skipped over the attaching of the flowers part, or didn’t provide enough detail for someone like me to figure out what the heck to do, or a few suggested hot gluing the flowers on, which may also work, but I felt that wasn’t the best option. So I played around a bit, looked up basic instructions for working with fake flowers and just started creating. I’ll admit, they may not be boutique quality, but once on they look great.

DIY floral bunny headband how to


Wire Bunny Ears

Fake Flowers (I just picked out a few small to medium-sized flower stems from Michaels)

Floral Wire

Floral Tape

Wire Cutters

First, I pulled the flowers off the stems and designed my headbands. Then I started attaching the leaves with the wire.

DIY floral bunny headband how toNext, I cut a strip of floral wire and bent it in half. I placed it up into the center of the flower then secured it by wrapping the floral tape around the base of the flower bud and down the wire. This created a bendable stem.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

Once you do that for all your flowers, you just start in the center and attach the flowers one by one by wrapping the stems around the headband. That’s it. Very easy, quick and cute! 🙂

DIY floral bunny headband how to

Here is what they look like on (I was hoping Luc would model them so you could see how they would work on a toddler or kid, but no such luck, hehe.

DIY floral bunny headband how to

DIY floral bunny headband how to


>diy floral bunny ears how to
valentine craft ideas - keepsake handprint crafts and fun crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day Crafts

I kind of have an obsession with hand print (and footprint) art. There is just something so special about capturing those tiny little hands and feet that has me hooked. Throughout Hudson’s first year, I was constantly making prints of his hands. I had plans to turn each hand print into a cute animal or holiday themed pinterest project, but sadly, didn’t finish most of them. Once Luc came along, the hand print captures became even more infrequent (those two kicked my butt the first two years!). One thing I did, that I will suggest is to at least capture the prints occasionally in those first few years because you can always go back and finish a project, but you can’t go back and capture those tiny hands and feet again. I’ve actually had “finish Valentine’s Day artwork” on my to-do list for over a year now, so thank you to this blog for pushing me to finally finish them. 🙂

On Hudson’s first Valentine’s Day, we did a family hand print. We put heart stickers on our hands to make the prints extra festive. I love seeing how small his hand looks next to ours.

valentine craft idea-put heart stickers on hands before stamping onto paper

I totally dropped the ball the next year (I’m going to have to blame the first trimester of pregnancy for that one) and apparently didn’t do any Valentine themed art projects. I was creating a baby though, so I’ll cut myself some slack. 😉

In 2015, I used a printable I found on Pinterest to make an adorable Valentine decoration capturing Luc’s baby feet. Click here to check out the original post and grab your own free printable.

love footprints with cute poem and link to free printable

That same year, I used another fun Pinterest idea to make a cute heart hand print keepsake of Hudson’s hand prints. Check out the original post here.

handprint art in the shape of a heart with a cute poem

In addition to the hand print crafts, which are obviously more for me, we also enjoy doing regular crafts together. Last year, the boys made a stained glass heart with our Mom’s Club group that was a lot of fun for the kids. You can check out all the details in this post.

stained glass heart craft

stained glass heart craft for valentines day

This year, I threw this craft together to give the kids something to do while we were locked up in the house with hand, foot mouth. You can check out the original post here. I am terrible at drawing (yes, even things as simple as hearts) and I hate my writing, so I quickly made a printable to use instead. You can grab one for free here. 🙂 The kids really enjoyed this one – I cut the squares for Luc and he glued them on, while Hudson did all the cutting and gluing for his himself.

i heart you to pieces valentine craft with free printable




painted wood slice pumpkin craft

Mom’s Craft Night – October

One of the things that I have found to be very rewarding and a big help in keeping me sane, was joining my local Mom’s Club. We have park play dates, Mom’s night out events, kid’s crafts, holiday get together’s and tons of other fun activities. We recently added a Mom’s Craft Night to the calendar, which I host every other month. For October, I picked a really fun decor craft using wood slices from A Night Owl. She had a tutorial on using the wood slices to make pumpkins and one to make apples.  On Pinterest I also saw a few people had just painted them black with chalkboard paint so I decided to get supplies for all three crafts and let the moms choose.

I provided the following supplies:

  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Brown Acrylic Paint (I used Americana Multi Surface Satin in Coffee bean)
  • Red Chalkboard Paint (I used Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint in Habanero)
  • Black Chalkboard Paint
  • Coiled floral wire
  • Jumbo square craft sticks
  • One round stick sawed into smaller pieces
  • Green felt
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill – only needed for the apple

I asked the mom’s to bring the wooden slices with them.

We all ended up making the pumpkin and then a few of us made the other two as well. They all turned out really cute and it was a fun and easy craft night october group picture

The best part was that we had to keep waiting for the paint to dry, which meant lots of down time to eat delicious treats, drink and chat. I made Monster Saltine Cracker Toffee, Candy Corn Cracker Toffee, spooky rice crispy treats and straw-berry ghouladas to drink. We also took a few pictures in my DIY photobooth. The photobooth is something I get asked about all the time, so I am working on a post with all the details and will hopefully have that up for you soon.

If you are interested in making any of these fall themed crafts please click on the below links for complete instructions.

painted wood slice pumpkin craft

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkin


mom craft night apple wood slice

DIY Apple Chalkboard


For the chalkboard one, we just painted the wood slice with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint allowing it to dry for about an hour in between each coat. Wait another 24 hours before you season the chalkboard and begin to decorate.

As you can see, it only takes a few supplies and fun treats to have a really great night with friends.

mom craft night october treats

mom craft night october strawberry ghouladas

mom craft night diy halloween photo booth