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halloween sensory table

Halloween Themed Sensory Bin

My boys love playing in our sensory bin. My aunt gave us ours as a gift (isn’t that a great gift idea?!) and we have used it so many times already. I have so many friends ask me about our sensory table so I figured I would share a tutorial I found on pinterest with instructions on how to make your own. Our go to favorite sensory activity is rice because it works well for both kids, it keeps them busy for a decent amount of time and I don’t have to be involved in the playing. We started making the rice in the morning, and I must say, making the rice is as fun for the kids as playing in the actual bin. I use a plastic ziploc container, then let the kids add 1 cup of rice, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and then a few drops of food coloring. Each of my kids alternates turns creating their color combination and they love it. It is also a good time to explain how different colors mix together to make new colors. Then I snap the lid on and let them go to town shaking it up.

coloring rice sensory bin

While Luc was napping, I set up the bin. The boys were so excited and had a great afternoon playing.

halloween sensory bin

halloween sensory table fun