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on-line shopping in bed with my pjs on - phone case and laptop skin from caseapp - letterboard from letterfolk - garland from glitter party co. -all can be purchased on-line - now we just need Starbucks to deliver ;)

Case App

Christmas came early for me this year! My friends at gifted me a new laptop skin and custom iphone case and I am loving them. I chose the white marble laptop skin and it definitely makes all my last-minute on-line Christmas shopping so much more enjoyable (please tell me I’m not the only one who is a holiday shopping procrastinator?) I will say that I think the skins are better for Macs since their sizing is standardized. I tried the skin on two different Dell Laptops (both have a 15.6″ screen size) and it was a bit small on one and a bit big on the other. It still makes my laptop look way more stylish, but keep that in mind when ordering. What could be better than a stylish looking laptop, pjs, coffee and shopping from your bed.

on-line shopping in my pjs with my new laptop skin from caseapp

I am also totally loving my new phone case. My phone has had a lot of accidents over the years. Flying through the air as I stop a kid from running into the street, slipping from my fingers while I juggle a million things, and of course when the kids get a hold of it, I know it’s life is in danger. So I have sacrificed appearance for durability and admired all the cute phone cases from afar, while I rocked my functional case. When Case App reached out to me to give their custom phone cases a try I was a bit hesitant, but figured it could be fun to see what it feels like to have a cute case, even if only for a short time. When I was ordering, I noticed Case App has an option for Extra Protection Tough Cases with a hard case and extra silicone lining to protect your phone. This case is so cute and it has totally passed the mama life, dropped a million times, challenge. You can even create your own design or choose from tons of cute designs already on their site.

new custom phone case from caseapp

Wouldn’t this make a cute Christmas gift or stocking stuffer?! You could even get a gift card so your friends and family can design their own. Or, just order one for yourself as a little Christmas gift. 😉 You can use the code CREATIVECOPYCAT20 for 20% off your entire order through December 26th, 2017.


get qurious - game and app review

Get Qurious

*Get Qurious sent us a box for free to play with, but this is my honest review and opinion.*

As a mom, I often worry about how much technology my kids play with. When we are traveling, all rules go out the window and the kids spend a lot of time playing on phones, the ipad and the leap-frog. When we get home it is always a bit of a rough transition as we cut back on the technology.

When we got back from our New York trip, we had received the Explorer Box from Get Qurious and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The kids were super excited to open it up and play with it. The four activities were a great mix of hands on activities and technology so the kids got their phone fix while also engaging in S.T.R.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math) learning.

get qurious - game and app review

Mask Play

Of course the masks were the first things the boys noticed and the first things they wanted to play with. Putting on masks and becoming new characters is so much fun, but what made this extra cool was that the kids were then able to use the phone to record themselves as the characters.

get qurious - game and app review

Build a Story

The boys used colorful cards to create a story then they scanned them into the phone and watched the story come to life. Both boys had a lot of fun choosing different cards to see how the story would unfold.

get qurious - game and app review

Build a Spaceship

Both boys used the cards to build their rockets, then they scanned them in to the phone. Once scanned in, they got to fly their rocket through space trying to avoid asteroids. This was their favorite activity. Hudson especially liked it and continued to play long after we had packed everything else up.

get qurious - game and app review

get qurious - game and app review

3D Treasure Hunt

Once the boys scanned in a map, a 3D world appeared where they could hunt for treasure. This activity was the most challenging for us. We couldn’t always move around the virtual world and had some trouble locating all the treasure. Hudson still really enjoyed finding treasure and he was far better at it than I was (I’m pretty sure he will be more tech savvy than me in no time).

get qurious - game and app review

Overall, we had a ton of fun with the activities. They were all very interactive and we had a blast playing together. I was also pleasantly surprised that my 3 year old was able to participate in most of the games instead of just observing his brother playing. Plus it made me feel a lot less guilty about letting the kids play on the phone, which is a major mom win!

Check out the Get Qurious website for more info and use code CRYSTAL20 for 20% off your box (valid until November 30th, 2017)